AB Underground Presents - Hey Marseilles

Hosted by Underground

In The Underground on 4/1/2013 at 7:00 PM

Don't miss Hey Marseilles live at The Underground, Monday, April 1! Come listen to their amazing variety of string instruments at this FREE concert.

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About Hey Marseilles:

Hey Marseilles has been described as, "a folk band from the music mecca of Seattle, best known for their widespread use of strings and accordions as well as many other instruments uncommon to your typical band. The ability to tell a story in their songs that can be both vague and specific to its listener at the same time is a very telling trait to their musicianship and especially lyricism. They are not afraid to push the limits of sincerity with their lyrics and it is only enhanced with the strings they play in the majority of their songs." - Scott McClellan, writer at Mind Equals Blown.

The band released a new album just this March, so come to the show to hear some of their brand new songs.

Check out their website here!

And watch some music videos here: "Rio" and "Bright Stars Burning" ; AND see how they make an album here!