Chair: Radowan Khan

The executive chair exists to oversee the planning, production, and execution of all AB events. Tasks include operating as the ambassador for AB, scheduling all executive board meetings, coordinating and overseeing all committee budgets, overseeing AB elections and acting as the official liaison to Student Government. The executive chair is, in essence, the president of the Activities Board.


Chairs: Ronny Ho & Becca Paren

AB Concerts brings well-known musical entertainment to campus at subsidized prices (and usually free for students). They sponsor two shows per school year - one in the fall and one during CMU's Spring Carnival in April.


Chairs: Celine Berger, David Allen, & Ian Hartwig

AB Coffeehouse provides medium-priced musical entertainment for the campus community as a whole at subsidized or free prices. Typically Coffeehouse hosts several shows per year, and more recently has featured epic laser dance parties.


Chairs: Jenny Yang & Sam Landen

AB Underground provides the campus community with free local and student musical entertainment at The Underground in the basement of Morewood Gardens.


Chairs: Lauren Miller & Tommy Chittenden

AB Skibo provides the campus community with acoustic musical entertainment and student performances in Skibo Cafe located on the 2nd floor of the UC.


Chair: Narain Krishnamurthy

AB Lectures brings speakers of a variety of backgrounds to campus.


Chairs: Mariana Rodriguez & Ramya Chinta

AB Comedy provides the campus community with comedy shows during the school year. The Comedy committee is fairly small and meets irregularly, approximately once a month. Please contact the chairs if you are interested in joining the committee.

Political Speakers

Chair: Ben Paren

AB Political Speakers provides the campus with speakers focusing on political topics.


Chairs: Ivy Krislov & Marisa Breitfeller

AB Publications (known as "readme", its satire newsletter) provides campus with humorous and satirical articles and well as information about a collection of upcoming campus and near-campus events.

You can view readme's archives here.

To get an event advertised in readme for free, or for any answers to any questions, email the editor-in-chief.

Special Events

Chairs: Niki Kawakami, Radowan Khan, & Shikhara Nalla

AB Special Events brings various novelty events throughout the year to campus. They have hosted popular favorites like The Petting Zoo , Laser Tag , and Oscar Night .


Chair: Tim Reid

AB Tech exists to provide lighting and sound where needed for all Activities Board events, and to confer with other committees to ensure that technical requirements are adequately met. This committee is also responsible for providing the manpower needed to set up and operate the Activities Board equipment, and to maintain all such equipment in good working order. The Technical committee will also offer services to other campus organizations at the discretion of the committee chairperson.

Visit AB Tech's website!


Chair: Megan Winsby

AB Films provides weekly showings of movies in McConomy Auditorium located in the University Center most Thursday through Sunday nights. They currently in the process of switching to a Digital Cinema experience. The movies are open to the public for a price of $3, but a CMU ID gets a discounted price of $1.

The entire Films committee works to select the semester movie schedule, man the ticketing table during the shows, continue to develop and improve our program, and advertise the films. We also collaborate with other campus organizations to bring unique film experiences to CMU.

AB Films is currently structured with a standing Committee, a team of trained student Projectionists, and 1-2 Chairs. The Chair(s) are responsible for ordering the films, arranging payment to vendors, ensuring equipment is in working order, presiding over meetings, and managing the operation of the committee.

If you are interested in joining the Films Committee - please contact the Chair for details, or subscribe to our mailing list here.


View the AB Films Google calendar.

Like the AB Films Facebook page.


Chairs: Katherine Kim & Leela Chockaligam

The Activities Board Publicity Chair is responsible for overseeing all publicity efforts made by each committee. This includes poster design, managing social media, and other advertising efforts.

Currently this position is held by a single chair with no committee. However, we are currently in the process of forming a full committee to begin working in Fall 2013. Tasks this committee would be responsible for include: poster design and other graphics; managing social media; data collection, conducting surveys, and analysis; tracking event attendance; photography; cataloging archives and historical data; researching and implementing new marketing strategies; website development. If you would like to be a part of the formation of this team, please contact Leela (andrew: lchockal) or Katherine (andrew: katherik).


AB Music is comprised of the 4 different music sub-committees: Concerts, Coffeehouse, Underground, and Skibo. This more general music committee is for those interested in learning more about the Pittsburgh music scene and the variety of concert events and shows AB brings to campus.

This committee has weekly meetings to discuss any upcoming music event and ways the members can get involved or help out with the show.